Posted by: Kinross07 | March 14, 2010


In my recent experiences on the road I have noticed a number of things that people have a habit of doing to a learner driver.

  1. Driving to within 2 feet of my bumper at 60mph.
  2. Overtaking me on double solid block lines.
  3. Overtaking me and pulling in front of me about 4 feet ahead at 50mph.
  4. Overtaking me and then pulling in front nicely, only to go slower than I am.
  5. Park in such a way that it takes an insanely intricate manoeuvre to get out without touching their car-and actually impossible to do it without tapping the kerb.
  6. Cut me up on roundabouts.

There are of course things I have observed about myself

  1. Swerving towards a wall in order to avoid a traffic cone is a perfectly reasonable thing to do.
  2. Realising that it is possible for me to go at a junction or roundabout is not the same thing as actually doing it.
  3. 110 degree turns involve me straying into the oncoming traffic, or into the kerb.
  4. Parallel parking is difficult to gauge if you can’t see the kerb and the car you’re using as a measure is 2 feet away from the kerb.

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