Posted by: Kinross07 | March 14, 2010

Poor taste in magazines and Abysmal quiz scores.

You lucky people. Four posts in one day, and one of them is a double whammy. If you hadn’t twigged which one, it’s this one. It has been said, and I tend to agree, that I have a rather poor taste in magazines (aside from ONM) including the likes of “That’s Life”, “Chat”, “Full House” and “The Telegraph”. That last one was a lie, I wouldn’t dare touch the Telegraph. And I will be the first to admit that I read this twoddle, but I do for good reasons-which I shall now impart to you.

  1. It makes me feel better about myself. These magazines remind me that people are a)idiots and b)have worse stuff going on than I do. Not the nicest of reasons, but a reason all the same.
  2. Linked to number 1, the headlines are just insanely funny.

As a result of these two reasons, I can’t help but feel I should share these moments in human history with you-edited of course to save you the suffering, with the most absurd and side-splitting things kept in.

Second part of this rather long and dreary post. As otherwise mentioned I spend a couple of hours or so every Sunday at a pub quiz in Plymouth, here, I and a variety of other members of my course enter at £1 a go, in an attempt to win the cash prize (currently £112 at the time of posting). But our scores are slowly getting worse and worse, with the epitome being tonight’s entry of “Aiming for 3rd” coming in 6th place, with 6 points. That’s 6 out of a minimum of 50. 5th place had 16 points. We really do have issues, but regardless we attend this impossible quiz-partly to wind up the quizmaster, and partly because the juice is cheap. No idea why I’ve even told you  all this, but I’ve worked out our next team name and it can’t possibly fail…



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