Posted by: Kinross07 | March 27, 2010

A Week of Grr…

Over the last week I’ve struggled to get any sort of internet connection on my laptop to work properly-on a couple of occasions of trying to sign in for 40 minutes MSN randomly started to work. So, at least now we have semi-funtionality (the speed is still a bit iffy, occasionally resorting to dial-up speed without the great noise).

Next there was the issues I’ve been having at uni, revolving around paintings and assignments. I still can’t get the right paint/paper moisture level. It’s either too dry and therefore doesn’t paint properly, or too wet and it runs everywhere ruining any sense of form. In terms of assignments, I have 10,000 words or so to write over the easter holidays,  though to be fair I could/should have started earlier, and after asking a tutor what he thought of my essay idea, and causing him a great amount of excitement about reading it-so much so he stated that he expects it to be good enough for him to publish… So no real pressure other than the fact that means getting 30 more marks than I have ever gotten on an assignment.

Finally there’s been my sleeping patterns. For some reason, I’ve been constantly woken at five in the morning, regardless of when I go to sleep, and end up in a half sleep/doze in the two hour gap between then and having to get up. It even happens when I don’t have to get up… Resulting in some really weird dreams and a variety of mood swings.


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