Posted by: Kinross07 | April 3, 2010

Doctor Who Series 5, Series 1, Series 32-whichever.

So the internet is probably about to swarm with all sorts of posts about the new Doctor, and so on, and who am I to deny them one more.

First off, Matt Smith. I really did love what David brought to the series, and was genuinely sad to see him go. My main issue with Smith is that I really have no idea what sort of Doctor he’s going for. I know it’s only been an hour, and the Doctor isn’t even sure of himself, but still… At times he seems like he’ll be off the wall insane/crazy (see fish fingers and custard-anyone who eats like that gets bonus points from me, and his dislike of Bacon :O) and come the trailers he seems to be the darkest most serious of the lot-apart from one clip with dual thumbs up and a bizarre grin.

Next comes Karen Gillan, a.k.a. Miss Amy Pond, and while this is going to sound really petty of me, I can’t stand her accent. As a child it was a great accent, but as an adult something seems to have happened that has pushed it towards the annoying. And I work in myself a lot with voices-as Jack from RT was forced to realise (see my Tweet, and Jack’s reply-due to being Retweeted, got a fair bit of coverage)-and so an annoying voice really sets up a barrier between me and the character, resulting in me not caring about them and actually wanting them to screw up and be left behind-last cases were Donna and Rose.

The new intro video and theme song took my brother by surprise (and I suppose me too to a certain extent) but I really like what’s been done with it, giving it a more edgy feel-and the new logo fits in perfectly with that world. Continuing with the aesthetics line of assessment, the new TARDIS interior gets two thumbs up from me. I really liked the previous one, but I never understood the “coral” thing that was going on. The console looked like mine would if ever I had one. This new TARDIS however feels a lot cleaner, and a lot more welcoming which is nice. A friend of mine appears to have a problem with the new screwdriver, on account of it being green and it’s “not supposed to be green because it’s supposed to be blue…”

As a final comment, I think that once Smith has settled into his role I’ll begin to appreciate him more. I hope Amy fixes that accent, and I look forward to the Weeping Angels, Spitfires in Space and Bill Nighy. Bring it on.


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