Posted by: Kinross07 | April 3, 2010

Warwick, and my cruelty for the week.

Normally, I’m not a cruel person, but sometimes there comes an opportunity too good to pass up.

So, today we visited Warwick, and it’s castle. As you do. This was enjoyable despite my hesitations-though was better on the most part when Nan wasn’t around and Dad was a bit free-er. The main entertainment for the day however came when we visited the great hall and stately rooms, wherein I discovered my brother has a hatred/fear of period actors. There were two in the great hall which bothered him but he got over it, until he left the hall and found them stood staring at him with a cup of coffee. Eventually we assured him that the stately rooms were all wax works and would be perfectly safe, at which he agreed to come along.

2 metres into the hallway a butler came along stating (to my Nan) “Good afternoon m’Lady, and who are you?”, at which point she replied with her last name and stated that her grandson-my brother-had issues with period actors. To which he stared blankly and said “My dear lady, there are no actors here. I am the butler to the Earl of Warwick”. By this point my Dad and I were in hysterics, and my brother was suitably annoyed. We were led into another room where we were introduced as “Lady Wilson and entourage”, my Dad and I still in fits of giggles my Nan again explained about my brother to the next actress, who commented stating that “he clearly doesn’t have a problem. Except maybe too much sherry”, looking over to me and Dad.

Looking up for a moment we saw my brother had run into the next room where he was being harassed by a singing drunk woman who was complaining about her husband’s gambling habits. More giggles.  Moving on to the upstairs we came across a servant who was cleaning silver ware, my brother saw and made a dash for the door as I was asked “Are you the visiting servants?” to which I replied “No, but he is” pointing to my brother just as my Dad did the same. Reluctantly he came in and polished a candlestick before saying something about Prince Charles and walking away as he was told “It’s a good thing you’re visiting staff, this work would never happen with castle staff”.

Eventually we got outside, and burst out loud laughing, rather than the giggles we’d been keeping to ourselves. It was a good day.


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