Posted by: Kinross07 | April 13, 2010

Well…That’s Annoying.

First thing that’s annoying is I don’t know if I like all of those words capitalised… It looks wrong with them in lower case AND upper case so I’m a little screwed. But the main thing that I’m finding annoying right now is that I have no idea what is actually making a successful post here, primarily because my stats say that the busiest day traffic wise had no new posts and there was no particular post that was most popular. It’s at this point that I get concerned because it somewhat forces me into a corner and  I feel that I should at least write something-which may well end up garbage-following the maxim of “throw it at the wall and see what sticks”. The same really goes for the vlog, but maybe that’s a good thing, having no idea where to go with it means I’ll cover more stuff which means I can make more tags to interest more people. I don’t know. Ideas?


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