Posted by: Kinross07 | April 14, 2010

More Editing, Less Coherence.

After an awful lot of editing (my initial cut was 2 minutes too long for YouTube, and the initial video 10 minutes to long) I may finally produce to you my third vlog post. Now be wary that due to all the editing, it might be a little messy and confusing. I have watched it 10 times to be sure, and I think it’s alright, but if not I apologise.

Also, whilst viewing this weeks Zero Punctuation, I noticed this little story, which had me in giggles. Not because I’m immature, but that people think Nintendo are to blame for it, and need to put a warning on the equipment. Well I’m sorry but if you don’t realise that when you’re on a raised platform it’s possible for you to fall off then you deserve to be over sensitive.


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