Posted by: Kinross07 | April 17, 2010

Doctor Who Week 3, a Few More Personal Theories

But before the theories, I think we need a summary of the episode, and before the summary comes the video that for some reason didn’t get linked to properly. Here it is, for your own amusement, Ferrero Rocher Showdown.

Now, for the episode. This week saw us with Daleks, and Spitfires and Space. This in itself provided an almost unexpected level of humour, and even more unexpected was that the Daleks were the funniest characters in it. Over the last 5 years, or 47 years depending on how you look at it, we have been made to see the Daleks again and again as the tyranny of time, not a good thing about them. So maybe that’s what made it work so well, that we didn’t expect these things to come from a Dalek’s voice box. Here are just some examples;

“Would you like some tea?”
“You do not require tea?!”

Other examples stem from physical humour, such as one Dalek delivering files around the base, and another (or the same, who can tell?) rolling around the base as the Doctor talks about them, looking into the door trying to eavesdrop before moving along. Of course this wasn’t going to last-though it must be said it probably would’ve done if the Doctor weren’t so adamant about proving the Daleks and Winston Churchill wrong. In essence he buggered things up by creating 5 or 6 new super Daleks, in technicolour.

These super Daleks don’t seem so different except they have hunched backs, have USB ports for eyes, and would appear to be the first Daleks to kill other Daleks-Dalek Sec doesn’t count.

On the whole the plot was reasonable enough, nothing was really left unexplained. Though I did have to wait until the Doctor said it to realise they were saying “Progenator”. And it was useful to know that old Daleks can be tricked with biscuits, new ones not so much.

Not very much to say about the Doctor or Amy this time around, though I can’t help but think Amy is keeping something more major than her wedding from the Doctor-and subsequently, us. Who did she have a crush on? The Doctor? Doubtful. I suppose only time will tell.

I also couldn’t notice anything particularly out of the ordinary, in regards to series tie together, other than another crack in space. Hiding itself behind the TARDIS, sneaky crack.

Finally, a theory, which has been aided by todays episode. When a couple of friends and myself were watching episode one, I noticed how odd it was how everyone was acting when there was a giant eye in the sky. It didn’t seem consistent with the events that we have seen thus far. By now, assuming we’re only moving forwards in time, the human race should have encountered the Daleks, Cybermen, Sycorax, the 456, and a giant planet in the sky. Now, the Cybermen and Sycorax were mostly local events, so they can be excused. Instead they seem to be more in awe than in fear, and I can safely say that if another alien showed up after the Daleks, I would be scared senseless and hide. I would not stay in the open and take pictures.

It is because of this that I think Amy has not seen the Daleks before, she isn’t of that time. She’s before then. I mean the Doctor may well have fallen through time during his regeneration, we don’t know. We’re only assuming he isn’t. If this theory holds true there is nothing mysterious about Amy, but it does remain to be said that the Doctor completely not recognising the time he’s in is a bit weird. So far that’s all I’m comfortable in putting out there, and I don’t really think I put it out there all that well… So here’s a diagram.



  1. Two alternatives to your theories Jon.

    1 – The cracks. Rather than hiding behind the TARDIS, it seems like they’re caused by it’s presence. The first one, not so much, but people would see a glowing crack in an underground bunker, and they should detect a structural instability in a spaceship. (Also a crack in space/time shouldn’t be attached to the ship but that’s assuming Cartesian space/time geometry applies)

    2 – The problem is not the sequence of time. Something’s changed, something’s gone wrong back at the earlier times, before Gallifrey. The tech shown in the first Smith episode is too modern for it to be before the Time Lock opened, since that was our present. It seems more like something’s changed to put Amy in a reality on a par with ours, up until the Eyeballs turned up. Possibly something to do with the time-travelling Daleks now released into time.

    • I’m with you on the first point, and accept that. Though it still begs the question what caused the first crack. On your second point however, I’m afraid you’ve lost me-though I can appreciate time travelling Daleks doing something. The impression I’m getting is that you believe Amy has been brought forward, past Gallifrey, or alternatively sent back far enough such that those events are just stories. The latter obviously makes no sense but hey.

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