Posted by: Kinross07 | April 21, 2010

Once upon a time…

Whilst strolling the internet, I discovered StumbleUpon, and it’s relevant Google Chrome extension, and I spent many hours clicking the button and being taken to places that would supposedly interest me. So far I have found 60 interesting things, and I will share a bit of one of them now.

This is even mildly relevant right now! Since Iceland decided that it wants to screw with us some more since the recession, it has caused the UK to close it’s airspace and large portions of mainland Europe too. Last I checked that was some 64,000 planes that haven’t flown in 4 days. And the sky has been incredibly clear and sunny too, so you can see there are no planes (though I am curious as to whether the weather is an effect of the volcano…). Anyway, this is a video that scientists made (so you can trust them) which tracks all the flight paths of all planes globally in the space of 24 hours. Obviously it’s not real time. That would be boring and stupid. Instead it’s 72 seconds-which is a lot faster. My favourite part though is watching the effect of the night as it moves across the sky, and I can only imagine what Europe would look like right now.


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