Posted by: Kinross07 | April 24, 2010

Incoming wall of text!

So it’s been, or feels like it’s been, a long time since I said anything to you. At most a week. But it’s been a busy week. First off, we have the second episode of our podcast up, where we talk volcanoes, innovative ideas (which are later stolen), ourselves and a shop that owns 7,500 souls legally. It’s still very much a new experience, and so we’re finding our bearings (I can see why people like RoosterTeeth did 20 or so episodes before releasing any of them, but we’re more confident than them, so meh).

This week University started again, which was a relief since I was forgetting what day it was every 45 minutes. Now I have some sort of structure to cling to, but with that structure came…deadlines. Fortunately I forced myself to hand three pieces in early so that I could work on the big project that feels like a brick wall. But I have 5 days for that so it’s fine.  It all started with an enlightening two days on prison education, and it made me seriously consider spending some time in there to aid them with their programmes. Other than that, it was the usual head breaking task.

Today I went for the first drive in about 10 days, and practically everything that could go wrong, did. Except I didn’t die. I did hit 3 curbs and almost a person. Fortunately I tackled a roundabout better than ever before thanks to an Ambulance. But I figure that a bad day is necessary, so I’m not going to worry about it.

It also appears as though my brother has found out about my blog and vlog. This could be bad, and I half blame it on the podcast. Oh well, see you soon!


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