Posted by: Kinross07 | April 26, 2010

Poor Pun/Warning/Irrelevant/Uninformative Title

Opening statement where I explain the pun/warning. Secondary statement which explains why I’m writing. Point that no-one cares about. Evaluation of point. Realisation that no-one else cares, but stating that’s not going to stop me. Hopes for some bizarre project that will get nowhere.

In essence this is how I see most of my posts being, and I’m not sure if it’s good that I’m predictable. I guess it means that if you were interested only in the bizarre project, you know to go to the end. Similarly if you want the evaluation of a point (whilst not knowing what the point was) then you know it’s in the middle. Maybe I’ll shake things up a bit, cause you to work for you waste of time (that’s my bizarre project quota).

In case you’re interested, these were my inspirations;


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