Posted by: Kinross07 | May 3, 2010

All quiet on the blogging front

So, it’s been what feels like forever, but is actually only 6 days, since I last posted something. I find it mildly comforting that a week can feel like a month to me, since it means that obviously a lot of stuff has happened. The downside for me is that the only reason a lot of stuff happened was because I’ve had practically no real sleep for a fortnight, and so have been filling my head with stuff.

I did have a lot of points to make in regards to Doctor Who this week, but I can’t help but feel I’ve forgotten most of them. I do remember however that River is a jerk/arse who I hold no respect for. Might be just me. But in regards to River, the theory as to the man she killed. Part of me thinks that saying “The Doctor” is the best guess to have, but then there are so many things that tell me it can’t be. For one it’s far FAR too obvious a conclusion to make, and I have it in my head that Steven Moffat is too good a writer for an apparently vital story point to be that simple and obvious. The other reason I don’t believe she killed the good Doctor is that-unless she’s been practicing for this moment-she didn’t respond in any kind of surprised or “Oh god, what should I say/do?” way when he asked her about it. Maybe she’s a psychopath so it’s easy. Or maybe I shouldn’t be reading into how a role was performed, but in this case it might be pretty damn important. The other OTHER major reason is that killing the Doctor doesn’t tend to be a terrible thing, he’d just regenerate. Admittedly that’s likely to shorten his lifespan a bit, but that’s nothing too major. Unless of course Moffat has decided here and now that River Song will cause the final death of the Doctor, and that’s a bold move to make.

I’m sure that many people have already commented on the final scene wherein *SPOILERS?* she makes a move on the Doc. I must admit I neither saw this coming as a result of the episode, nor at her “hints”. I was honestly with the Doctor on this one, completely bemused. Though his bemusement did result in a move that I quite liked wherein she kissed and hugged him and he slickly escaped and pushed her into the TARDIS. Genius.

I also presented a theory as to the Doctor’s overall plan to a friend, but promptly realised it was stupid. In my idea the Doctor takes Amy and what’shisname to Venice, and leaves them in the past so he can have a bit of time to think. But in thinking, he could just have avoided the 26th June for a long while. No biggy.

I’m working on a new idea for a video, so that’s not ended either, but no doubt it’ll be another week/month until I get there, so until then-toodles!

Oh, and I decided I’d try out a new layout for a bit, just to see if I prefer it. I did like the mood of the other, but I feel that this feels a bit more open and a tad less evil. Also feels nicer to navigate so…



  1. Also, we haven’t done a podcast this week yet

    Partly because I haven’t uploaded last weeks

    Mostly because this computer’s shit…


    • I knew there was something missing…

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