Posted by: Kinross07 | May 7, 2010

Why I think the Conservatives took South East Cornwall

So, the whole country is in a frenzy over this, my first election. If you’re British, and you don’t know how things are going, then I can only assume you started your day at half past 5 like I did, and have yet to get home or near the internet. Which makes this next sentence rather stupid. As it stands, the Conservatives lead, with Labour and LibDem following no more than 6% behind. Traditionally SE Cornwall was a LibDem constituency, but I suspect that the sheer bombardment of Conservative campaign posters, fliers, adverts and representatives have played quite the psychological game on the folk down here-and much as I hate stereotyping, many of them do seem quite impressionable. What this has meant is that with such a bombardment, anything else seems inconsequential, basically people have been “tricked” into believing that the Tories care about this region. Despite their MP not living anywhere in Cornwall. As a part of their attack, they actively slandered the LibDems, stating that 24,000 Trident jobs would be lost in the area, now despite a large number of people down here being against Trident, the fact that 24,000 jobs will be lost under a Liberal government convinced them the Conservatives were the way to go.

So that’s why I think they got in here. Now a little rant on three issues-which I’m sure the internet has been filled with for hours, but I want my chance.

  1. Everyone saying that Nick Clegg had a terrible night. In terms of seats, this is true, but anyone who had a smidge of sense to look at the percentages would see that the gap between Labour and LibDem should not be as big as it is-in fact if I recall, the Liberals are ahead of Labour… This, for me, is the most obvious point that shows we really need a different electoral system. Someone who gets 6% fewer votes, should not have only 18% of the number of seats that the leader has. So whilst it may be a bad night in seats, I think it’s a very positive night in highlighting the issue.
  2. Conservative discussions with Liberals. Firstly, as I understand it, the party who holds the power (at this moment Labour) has first dibs in terms of discussions over coalitions. Now I don’t know if Gordon Brown turned that down for a reason, but it makes no sense to. The other thing about this is that the idea of a LibCon government makes no sense, they hold different views on far too many things. LibLab on the other hand would make a lot of sense, seeing as how the two parties seem to have pretty similar ideals.
  3. People being turned away. This I’ve only just heard the full story of, since initially I thought people had shown up past 10pm and were complaining, whilst in actuality it appears they were there before 10, queuing and then turned away. Part of me wonders if this is why on the whole there was only a 65% turnout. Considering it has so far taken 18 hours, and we’re still no closer to getting something sorted, it would have made sense to mark off the last person who arrived on time, and turn away subsequent voters. Though I suspect that that would have classed as too much work for the people running the stations. Obviously they wouldn’t have known that 18 hours down the line we’re still stumped, but even so I believe it to be a gross misconduct-and legitimate grounds for a re-vote.

I think that’s the end of my contribution of polluting the internet with another blog about the election.


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