Posted by: Kinross07 | May 8, 2010

I forgot the name of this post

My first comment, is it bad that the trailer for next week, interested me more than the whole episode today? I’m not sure why I wasn’t so interested this time around, but maybe that’ll come across soon.

Firstly, there were a lot (or at least a few) points that didn’t make sense. Either through not explaining, or due to it just not making sense. One key one is why on earth fish would explode in contact with UV light. Unless their sun didn’t emit any UV, there’s practically no way that they could have existed. Sure, if they lived miles underwater where light couldn’t get to, maybe they could. But if that were the case there are two issues:

  1. They would likely have no need of legs. Those legs looked capable purely of walking.
  2. They should have suffered great consequences due to being at land level pressure.

Next on my list of issues is, since when did a metal sword hitting a wooden broom make a dual metallic clang? Last I checked, you’d either get a clang and a thunk or just a thunk. Next sword related point is: how come fish dude hit the broom three or four times without breaking the broom, and then in one swipe break it apart? It didn’t appear as though he was swinging any faster or harder.

Next, the tidal waves. An earthquake causes tidal waves. Okay, that I hold to be true (assuming it originated out at sea, else the wave would travel in the other direction and it would be fine.). So when The Doctor stops the heavens from pouring down (which subsequently leads me to believe that if global warming exists, it’s caused by aliens) it doesn’t make any sense that it would also stop a tidal wave.

I think that’s the end of critiques, so now onto general things that I have learnt or begun to wonder.

  1. Aliens don’t like “ya mum” jokes.
  2. Will there be “space dolphins”? There’ve been space whales and space fish. Makes sense.
  3. Silence causes things to echo.
  4. Girls talking in unison are still creepy.
  5. Rory is the new Mickey.
  6. Fish aliens get confused between a sky “on fire” and a sky filled with smoke.
  7. A thunderstorm looks like the “sky is boiling”.
  8. I knew he was going to say that, because I saw the trailer.

So yes, a very mixed bag it seems. But I am going to say I’m actually excited to see next week’s story, so it better be done good. I also suspect that both scenarios are fake, but that’s just because the “Dreamlord” sounds like a jerk.


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