Posted by: Kinross07 | May 15, 2010

Dreams are but forgotten memories…

So today was an episode that I had been looking forward to for a bit longer than just a week. Pretty much after reading the synopsis on Wikipedia, basic as it was. And what got me was the premise. Not because it was scary, or particularly thrilling, but because it had the hints that a lot would be revealed about the characters in that space.


And we did get that. Sort of. We see that Rory is a really bad Doctor, with rather poor style, and that’s how he would like to live his life. And if he suspects he will die, he must first assert himself by removing his ponytail. Amy, is about as much of a jerk as she is normally, on top of which even her “truly real” labour lasted all of 20 seconds until a certain someone decided to walk over to a window and slowly turn into a pile of dust-which is something I don’t get. Why did it take him so long to die? The guy on the bike was instant, the only reason I can think of is so that he could have his minilogue, but that’s not a reasonable excuse… The Doctor is…the Doctor. Nothing really changed except we got a glimpse of what he thinks of himself. Which is always an interesting thing, considering he’s so reserved.

The show’s humour was kept up this week with some puns (some of which weren’t terrible) and some surreal moments that I couldn’t help but laugh at-an old woman brandishing a lawn mower for one. I feel this was helped somewhat that it had tinges of that episode of Torchwood where they were in the Welsh cannibal village, and any film involving zombies. Except they weren’t cannibals or zombies, they were old people with Gohma’s in their mouths.

There were a couple of points where I was suddenly drawn out of the episode, which really gets my goat. If I can’t connect with an episode at all, I’m annoyed but it’s alright because at least it was consistent. If it’s an episode where I’m totally engrossed and at the end I’m thinking “Wow, that can’t have been 45 minutes” or “It can’t end there, can it?” then that’s fantastic. What’s really bad is a mixture of the two, and there were just a couple of moments where I was pulled back. For one, if they were travelling towards a cold star, and freezing to death, why the hell don’t they shiver as ice starts to form on their cheeks? Secondly, the TARDIS’ power is out. Logically I’d have thought that it turned it back into a normal wooden box-as has happened before. So in that case, when the Doctor opens the door, death should have been swift upon them. That and radiation would’ve poured in.

My personal theory on what was happening turns out to not have been too far from the truth, namely I suspected that both worlds were a dream, but were used to test Amy’s loyalties. In some regards I think that holds true, seeing as how they both were fake, and her choice did seem to affect the Doctor, and prompt him into pushing Amy and Rory together. But meh, who cares about that, what I care about is that I saw no crack. And that the trailer for next week was perfect I think, until they showed anything after 12 seconds. Maybe 15. If you missed it, then you can see it here:

So next week is another one that I look forward to.


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