Posted by: Kinross07 | May 18, 2010

Where’s my House again?

First things first, I have a poll. Would you mind answering it?

Without realising, my post title actually references two things. Well…one thing, but two things about it. Neither of which are particularly interesting, but I thought if I don’t keep writing, I’ll forget to. That and I want to avoid essays. Anyway, first was a real disappointment for me and it came when I realised that I had sold my copies of House (Seasons 1, 2 and 3) because I was short on cash. Normally I wouldn’t be distraught, but I thought they were up in the loft, and then I found a receipt from CEX that told me I had sold them. Gutted. So now I’m contemplating buying the Season 1-5 box set seeing as how it’s essentially half price, but I’m kinda short on cash so inevitably I’d end up selling them.

Next thing was the season finale to House Season 6. That came as a bit of a surprise in two ways, one it was only episode 21 and two the ending scene was just bizarre. If you don’t want it spoiled then obviously don’t read on, but a brief synopsis follows.

It is revealed to us that Cuddy and Lucas are engaged-which is a step further than House knew, giving Cuddy a housewarming gift (which she thinks is an engagement gift). After House has a particularly bad moment Cuddy shouts at him saying that he has nothing at all. This shakes him, and so he returns to a patient that he found buried with a trapped leg that they need to amputate, telling her how keeping a leg rather than losing it ruined his life and how he didn’t want that for her. She agrees to the amputation and they rush her back to the hospital, but she dies of an embolism en route. Foreman tries to console House, telling him he did everything he could, which pushes House over the edge stating that if he does everything he can and people still die, what’s the point. He rushes off home and has flashbacks to the woman’s death, before revealing his Vicodin stash. At this point I actually suspected he was going to OD and top himself, figuring there was no point anymore, but instead it looks like he’s just going to take them as medication. BUT! Before he can do it, Cuddy appears and tells him that she broke it off with Lucas because she loves him, though she’d rather not, but she can’t help it. House thinks it’s another hallucination, but Cuddy reveals that the pills are still in his hand. They share a kiss and the last shot is their held hands.

This is where my mind starts to turn. Number one, Cuddy actually stated earlier that she didn’t love him, and that he should just accept her and Lucas. She’s just tossing everything away, stating that she’s stuck-despite thinking she was moving on. The other thing that intrigues me is that House’s hand really doesn’t look healthy. Like dying unhealthy. Which leads me to believe that it’s probably a dream and he’s trapped under the building (there was a second collapse I forgot to mention). Of course the only way we’ll know is when Season 7 starts up, but I really would prefer that House and Cuddy weren’t together. Despite him being the “most screwed up person in the world” and he deserves a break.


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