Posted by: Kinross07 | May 22, 2010

There are people who turn your children into psychopaths!

No doubt this video, if you’re a parent, will make you want to grab your children and hide them in a soft warm bubble whilst you destroy everything that could play a game in your house, before running into the streets and burning all game stores. Now I have two issues with the above video. Number one, that kid has evidently learned to reel that off as a script. This essentially means that the people trying to protect your children are encouraging them to lie. Yes, you heard me. Encouraging them to lie.

And do you know what lying leads to? It leads to more lying, and yet more. And eventually your kids will lie so much that they’ll know what to say in order to manipulate any situation to their will. And when they’ve learned that properly, they’ll manipulate people too. They will spend their lives being selfish and causing misery and turmoil for anyone they meet. Essentially they’re breeding psychopaths.

Secondly, whilst I know there are video games out there that are graphic, or obscene. But I am able to avoid those games if I so wish. Do you want to know how? Because if you’re a parent, no doubt you want to know what you’re looking out for. I look at the freaking box before I buy it! You can most often tell by a game’s cover art, or if not the things it shows on the back. And if that doesn’t work, I recommend checking the age rating. You know? Like in films? They’re the handy dandy little things that tell you that the content of the game is not suitable for someone under the age of 18. Like your 7 year old son.

I know I’m going on, but it really makes me angry when a parent or guardian ignores the warnings on things, and then throws a hissy fit when they’re sweet little child is swearing and trying to shank them because of a game. That last sentence was an exaggeration. Want to know why? Because video games don’t make people violent! That’s like saying any film with violence makes people violent. Has anyone blamed Saw for making people into sadistic people who kidnap other people and put them in life or death situations? Perhaps. But I don’t hear about it as much as I hear about how video games corrupt youths.

Typically if someone buys an incredibly violent game, it’s either because they’re curious as a result of the stigma, or it’s because they already have violent tendencies, and just want to let it out somewhere. Alternatively it’s because their parents are idiots. They’re all equally common-though maybe the latter slightly more so.

In closing: anti-video game ads make your children psychopaths, if you’re going to buy a violent offensive game for a 7 year old then don’t complain about content, video games do not reboot your brain into making you a prostitute decapitating police officer arsonating machine.

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  1. Things I must learn:
    Images get squished.

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