Posted by: Kinross07 | May 26, 2010

Now what?

So last night I went to a friend’s gig, which was as enjoyable as always, and someone brought up that they had seen my blog and heard 2 minutes of our first podcast, and proceeded to state how absurd it was. And not absurd in a good way. I tried to defend what I was doing as not a waste of time or stupidity but I can’t help but feel that I failed miserably. Which got me to thinking, what’s the point? Why am I writing, saying and filming these things? What is it I hope to achieve when all this is done? I think I have an answer to both of these questions.

In all honesty, I’m probably not doing it for you, because I have no idea who you are, so can’t tell what would interest you or not. I think I’m doing this for me. So that I can:

a) Have some kind of bizarre outlet so that thoughts don’t get stuck in my head
b) Look back on this in a view years and say “Wow, I had some weird ideas and points to make. I guess I’m not that different now.”

And as for the videos and podcasts (of which I seriously hope there will be more), they’re for the same reasons. As well as generally having the experience of doing those things, no matter how bad the end result is it’s all practice.

And so that is why I am doing these things, you don’t have to agree to them, nor do you have to decide whether it’s a stupid idea or not, but I would like you to just join me for the experiential ride.


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