Posted by: Kinross07 | May 29, 2010

Who was I talking about again?

So, another week, another Doctor Who. And I realise now that the whole crack thing isn’t making much sense. By all sense of logic the Doctor should no longer exist thanks to shoving his had into the light to retrieve a piece of blown up TARDIS (And after it was made to be all pretty too). When the same light took Rory from us, in what I must say was rather reminiscent of the Gate of Truth in FMA, except white, and lacking the eyes. I have surprisingly little to say actually, so I might just leave it brief this week. Though the other thing is that Homo Reptilia Pope-guy seems to suggest that the thing that happened was chronicled, else how would he know about it 1000 years later? The fact that this seems to be leading up to a much more awesome ending than the other series’ clues-except maybe in series 1 because it was so threatening for “Bad Wolf” to be following around-though that quickly ended when it was explained so naffly. This has the potential to be something great-where I, and I’m sure many other viewers, have amazingly detailed and intricate ideas as to what the cracks are caused by, and their impact on the Doctor, perhaps enough that a whole series of “history” books could be written, or at least untold internet fan fics. If I weren’t already busy with a story that’s been knocking around in my head for months, I know I would love to write that.

Also, it appears to be Eurovision this evening. I would watch it, but I found out two years ago that watching it on your own really isn’t any fun, and is in fact quite depressing. You have no-one to laugh with, no-one to share criticisms with. Your just sat there watching the Baltics ruin everything, and that’s the main point. You don’t watch it because you want to know who wins, you watch it because you want to have a good night in with some good friends. And so, it seems, I am unlikely to watch the Eurovision again. /sad loner story


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