Posted by: Kinross07 | June 5, 2010

City of the Daleks-The “Proper” Review

I know I gave a brief review-wherein I complained a fair bit-about the first instalment of the Doctor Who Adventure Games, but I feel that if I were to go back and edit that any more (I’m already annoyed at the edit at the end of the post) it would just get messy and move off the point. As a result, I’m going to cover the old ground and some new ground as well.

So you download the game, that’s easy enough, and then you load it. In total it took me around 45 minutes to properly get it going, which is to say beyond the start screen, and then a further 10 to work out how to fix the lag. The answer of course was to drop the graphics down from “Very High” to “High”, though I could see no difference between the two, except that one moved and the other didn’t really. The graphics themselves are pretty decent, at no point did I think “My god, these are terrible” (except maybe the animation of the Dalek Emperor-spoilers, the Dalek Emperor is involved) but on the other hand I didn’t think “These are awesome!”. They were acceptable considering it’s a free game, though if I could tell them to change one thing, it would be to have more than just grey everywhere. Makes it hard to find things.

The controls took a little while to get used to, having spent a fair while using the cursor keys to move and the mouse to rotate the camera in other games it took me a while to get used to the one or other approach. But when you do get the hang of it, you don’t really notice it. If I were to make a recommendation, it’d be to go for the mouse option-so long as you’re not using a touchpad. This is partly because it’s a little smoother, but also because you seem to need to use the mouse to interact anyway. And aside from a few moments where the camera decided to do what it wanted, it worked well.

The content of the game was fairly simple-avoid Daleks, reach end of corridor. Interspersed were a couple of puzzles-mostly mazes where you can’t touch the sides which got a little tedious. A slightly more frustrating one involved a maze of death. Really annoying death. With a time limit. And finally my least favourite-though the part which probably took the longest as an individual thing-which involved connecting wire points without letting wires cross. I can never do those. But that’s no fault of the game. As said earlier, the other major mechanic was stealth. This was pretty easy to get around and do-in a couple of instances I walked alongside a Dalek until he showed me to the door, which was nice of him. My main issue with it though was whenever I did get spotted, and was told to hide, it was always when there was nowhere to hide, but I tried to run anyway. In the process getting trapped by a wall and a pipe on the floor which was slightly too tall to climb. But these are minor quibbles.

The story wasn’t half bad either. And surprisingly, neither was the voice acting, in so much as it certainly added to the experience, rather than detracting. And something I didn’t expect was that the humour that has presented itself throughout the series actually found it’s way into the game too, which was really nice. My one comment on the voices, which I’m sure will come as no surprise to some, is that Amy’s really REALLY got to me. More than in an episode. It felt like she had taken an arrogance pill or something. That or a slice of patronising pie. If you’re going to make her give you advice when you talk to her, don’t make it so that she sounds like a patronising teacher. That’s the last thing I need

So overall, the majority of issues I had are fixable or adaptable, the others you don’t let bother you SO much because they don’t happen overly often. Actual playing I got about 45-50 minutes out of it, so the same as an actual episode, though you may vary. I think considering it is completely free, and out there, you really should check it out, you’ve got nothing to lose.


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