Posted by: Kinross07 | June 11, 2010

An After-taste Most Foul

Please watch the video before reading further.

So now I assume you’ve watched the video. What started as an odd but perfectly acceptable foodstuff has since made me feel (and be) rather ill. And on the whole, if something makes me feel ill, it tends to be for a pretty good reason-invariably alcohol was put in, but sometimes just from being a bad mix. And this is one of those latter cases. Of course I would love to hear from other people who try this to see if it’s just me, but only do so if you’re absolutely fine with the negative consequences. That is all.



  1. Dave lol-ed so so much. I found it interesting. Sorry to hear it made you ill. It does not excuse you from coming over tomorrow unfortunately :P

    See you then where we shall come up with more combos. (And it was you and I that devised this one… my bad)

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