Posted by: Kinross07 | August 31, 2010

A Fresh Start

I’m currently sat on the floor of my new room in my new house, ready for the new thing called rent to make money vanish from my account at the start of a month. I will admit this is a little bizarre for me-though I think most of it stems from the fact that I’m writing this entry without being connected to the internet :O.

I’ve concluded that my room now is the same size, maybe a little larger, than my old one, but it’s a more reasonable shape, so I can actually use it. For one I don’t need a desk for any of my computing things now, thanks to some alcoves that will be filled with shelves, and an old fireplace. Though the fireplace may present some problems thanks to the fact that the chimney is now no longer sealed.

I’m also grateful that most of the hiccups with the house happened whilst I wasn’t living here, but my housemate was. Cruel as this may sound, it’s true. I was struggling enough with things she didn’t have to deal with as well as worrying about the things she did have to live with. Frankly I would’ve gone mad or had some kind of breakdown.

Anyway, all this and I’ve still not really talked about what the title’s about. Basically, I’m using this change of scene and situation to give myself the shove to change things about myself. First off I’m going to have to learn how to cope on an absolute minimum in money unless I can find a job and/or get more money than the basic package from the people at Student Finance. Linked to this saving of money is my new rule of only consuming 1 litre of carbonated drinks in a month. This might not sound like an issue, but I estimate that last academic year I would drink around 3 litres a day. Which on average would’ve cost me £4 a day. So that’s a major saving monetarily and in terms of my health. Which leads us to the third effect of my moving out and that is, partly to living on an absurd hill and partly because I could probably do with it, I’m working on a fitness-ish program that I’m seriously going to try and stick to. I have some weight I can afford to lose, and a heart that could probably do with working more efficiently.


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