Posted by: Kinross07 | October 1, 2010

Project Circe

Project Circe originally came to me as an idea on how to at least attempt to be original on the internet. No easy feat, as I’m sure you know. The premise was simple, and based around an idea/saying that has definitely been around and about, but that no-one really seemed to have acted on. I mentioned this to my friend Chris (with whom I’m doing some work on his upcoming Xbox game “The Cannon”) and he also recognised the potential awesome that could come from this-if not for just ourselves and the life lessons it could yield.

The idea of codenaming it was something I’d half considered but figured it was a waste of time since originally I was the only one dealing with it, but it did make sense once Chris re-suggested it. We actually only had two suggestions prior to half settling on Circe-Chris liked it but imagined he wouldn’t remember it. First was “Code Bacon” because I figured, if you give something a code name blatantly stating what it involves no-one will link the two. Mostly because people wouldn’t think we’d just waste a codename on revealing something. Second was Chris’ suggestion of “Project Pork Chop”, though this didn’t get much discussion because within 30 seconds (and prior to reading his message) I was said “If I were to be really lame, I’d call it Circe because she turned guys into pigs. And in the Simpsons version, Homer eats the pigs”. It’s good to know my A-Level in Classics is being well used then.

In some sense, Circe’s genesis was in the first major idea I had aside from vlogging which was ”What foods can I mix and see if they work (on film)”. I say on film because I’ve been mixing weird things since I was 13 starting with strawberry gateaux and mayonnaise-which works surprisingly well. Somehow I must have caught some stream of an idea because my video of “Seafood Sticks and Nutella” is so far my most viewed, though this may be due to the fact I tagged it with fish fingers and custard. Maybe I should tag things more obscurely in future. I don’t know.

So, last night Chris uploaded our first episode to the YouTubes, and it is now available for your general viewing. Episodes will hopefully be released on a Thursday, though it might be so late into the Thursday it’s actually Friday. Either way, I present you with episode 1 of 13 of “Is it better with bacon?-Bacon vs The Banana”.


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