About Me

Well, hello. As you can no doubt tell, I am Jonathon and go under a pseudonym of Kinross07 (stolen from my XBL gamertag). At this moment in my life I am studying Steiner Education at the University of  Plymouth (UK) and loving next to every minute of it.

  • I spend a fair portion of my days looking at some kind of screen; TV, DS, computer, windscreen but I do remember to switch off from these things occasionally and just spend time with friends every once in a while.
  • I’m a member of a rather fluid pub quiz team who haven’t won since our second entry back in November, but as the cash prize builds, so too does my confidence-even if the quizmaster poses insanely difficult questions.
  • I love music, can’t play it but love to just sit and be surrounded by it. This does have a slightly negative impact in that I can’t sit in a silent room and be comfortable. In some ways, the silence is louder than the music I cover it with.
  • Very often I will be described as “bloody literal” which can get on a few people’s nerves and I have great difficulty switching off my ears and eyes and so will often hear and notice things that are best left un-heard and un-noticed.
  • I knit, off and on. With the majority of my projects having been stuffed bears. Currently I’m working on the most pointless blanket I can, essentially made up of mismatching patches from a book I got for Christmas. Some day it might get beyond the planning, but who knows.

Well, I think that’s enough talking here. Wouldn’t want you to be bored to death now would we?


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