Hopefully this’ll work out and I’ll be able to “show off” some things I doodle at Uni, or at home, and some of the Uni paintings I’m more pleased with.

So here goes;

This was initially penned during a lecture where we were told the story of Zarathustra, which I later copied up and added to-rather messily, but it was a good practice of my Graphics tablet in Paint.

During an SAS meeting, we were told to draw the weirdest creature we could think of. I stole the basic idea from a creature I drew a few months earlier. As you can see, I only got 5/10 for this attempt…

This was painted on a visit to school, sat with a bunch of 6 year olds who I thought did a much better job, either way, one of the few paintings I am currently proud of.

Another of the SAS doodles, the initial lectures tend to be quite tedious and so I get distracted by my pen. The preceding image contains all of the doodles from a lecture on Gifted and Talented children.

This was a remake of a piece I had done earlier, that failed miserably. I am personally pretty pleased with the tones of the yellow at the bottom.


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