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The Nexus of my Life

So this is a two titled title-see? I can still do those. Today I got a Nexus One (a.k.a Google Phone, Googie, Nexie, Frickin’ Awesome), which was no easy decision since I had to factor in all sorts of projections in terms of financial situation over the next two years, but though things might be a little tight for a month or two I don’t care. It’s a beautiful phone and I’m in love with it. Seriously. I read what love is like, and I’m pretty much there. Of course there were a couple of people who didn’t understand my decision, saying that it was irresponsible of me to do so. To which I have two responses, one I’m a teenager who has done very few irresponsible things, this is my quota. Two, there are things I have to learn by myself. This will be a prime example of how either my understanding of my ability to cope with tough times, and a budget is on target or not, which to be fair, I’d rather learn now, then when my student debt is an issue.

I could go on about how and why I love it, but it would seem rambly, so I won’t. Instead I’ll briefly discuss the second part of the title. I feel like I’m at quite an important part in my life, on Monday I begin working (albeit only for 3 weeks) for money for the first time ever. In September I move out and begin my inevitably treacherous road to independence. Two weeks ago my first year at Uni ended, and it showed me the things I need to do in the next two years to succeed, academically and socially. I feel that I’m slowly starting to come together again after a particularly turbulent 12 months (though I think how I deal with the next 4 will have a huge impact on how the next 12 go), while I’m as ditzy as ever, I think that I’m starting to get a grip on my mental and emotional fluctuations-evidenced to me by the fact I seem to actually be succeeding in fixing a situation I’d previously only been making worse.

In short, I have a great new phone, and am at an incredibly interesting time in myself. I await the future with excitement and terror. And I only hope that you all reach a moment like that at some point, because it feels great to look forward.

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City of the Daleks-A Brief Review.

There’s a city. There are Daleks. The Doctor must fix it. He succeeds, or fails, I’m not saying.

The slightly less brief version follows. And if you want to read my fuller (in that it’s better organised, and I don’t spend so long complaining, and longer) then check out my newer post here.

The first five or 6 times I tried to load the game, it crashed, and left me staring at the BBC logo for 5 minutes at a time-and also made Task Managering incredibly difficult. But eventually it worked. I’m not entirely sure how the game itself works, but it also seems to have a rather long load time (which equates to about as long as it takes to start playing Sims 3).

I’m also not sure if it’s because this computer isn’t quite powerful enough (though according to the Spec Requirements it’s more than able) but there seems to be a large problem with lag in the cutscenes-especially the introductory one. On a related note, the game has it’s own rendered version of the title sequence, which looks that little bit naff, but is really nice because of it. Like Eurovision as a child before you realised that the Baltic states mess everything up.
After the first 2 or 3 minutes, play begins, and you find that there are two control schemes completely independent of one another. In one you use the mouse to look around, and the right button for moving forwards. The other you use the cursor keys to move forwards and backwards and turn side to side. Neither of which help when the icon in the corner says “Talk”-which I think I managed to do with the left click, but this didn’t work for another interaction object. So I tried to move, and then some very nice animations began, but I was stuck moonwalking. Before mankind had even reached the moon. Then there was a large amount of lag and the game crashed.

So far that is the sum experience of 35 minutes of playing, but don’t let it discourage you. Please play it and let me know what you think, and if you experience any of the same issues.


Okay, so I think the problem was that I had my graphics set too high (namely “Very High”) so if you have the same lag issues, I recommend you go to the options and change that. I dropped it down to just “high” and it doesn’t look that different but is actually playable.  So far I’ve died 5 times. Once was because I got stuck behind a cab, and the other because a Dalek suddenly turned around and trapped me in a corner. Aside from that and one puzzle which I spent the best part of 20 minutes on, the game plays nicely, the story looks like it might be half decent-which is almost saying a lot for anything Dalek related right now, and once you get used to the controls, it handles nicely too.

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Who was I talking about again?

So, another week, another Doctor Who. And I realise now that the whole crack thing isn’t making much sense. By all sense of logic the Doctor should no longer exist thanks to shoving his had into the light to retrieve a piece of blown up TARDIS (And after it was made to be all pretty too). When the same light took Rory from us, in what I must say was rather reminiscent of the Gate of Truth in FMA, except white, and lacking the eyes. I have surprisingly little to say actually, so I might just leave it brief this week. Though the other thing is that Homo Reptilia Pope-guy seems to suggest that the thing that happened was chronicled, else how would he know about it 1000 years later? The fact that this seems to be leading up to a much more awesome ending than the other series’ clues-except maybe in series 1 because it was so threatening for “Bad Wolf” to be following around-though that quickly ended when it was explained so naffly. This has the potential to be something great-where I, and I’m sure many other viewers, have amazingly detailed and intricate ideas as to what the cracks are caused by, and their impact on the Doctor, perhaps enough that a whole series of “history” books could be written, or at least untold internet fan fics. If I weren’t already busy with a story that’s been knocking around in my head for months, I know I would love to write that.

Also, it appears to be Eurovision this evening. I would watch it, but I found out two years ago that watching it on your own really isn’t any fun, and is in fact quite depressing. You have no-one to laugh with, no-one to share criticisms with. Your just sat there watching the Baltics ruin everything, and that’s the main point. You don’t watch it because you want to know who wins, you watch it because you want to have a good night in with some good friends. And so, it seems, I am unlikely to watch the Eurovision again. /sad loner story

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Fish Custard?! Not quite, but someday.

So, no doubt you know I like Doctor Who. Some of you may also know that I have rather weird eating habits. For those of you that know both, you can probably tell where this is going.

In the first episode of this series Matt Smith (The Doctor) ate fish fingers and custard. And I like to mix weird things. Whilst I’m not quite at the fish custard stage in my ability to cook, I can take pre-made things. And that is what happens here. I take the humble seafood stick (formerly crab stick) and cover him in the smooth nutty nutella.


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Now what?

So last night I went to a friend’s gig, which was as enjoyable as always, and someone brought up that they had seen my blog and heard 2 minutes of our first podcast, and proceeded to state how absurd it was. And not absurd in a good way. I tried to defend what I was doing as not a waste of time or stupidity but I can’t help but feel that I failed miserably. Which got me to thinking, what’s the point? Why am I writing, saying and filming these things? What is it I hope to achieve when all this is done? I think I have an answer to both of these questions.

In all honesty, I’m probably not doing it for you, because I have no idea who you are, so can’t tell what would interest you or not. I think I’m doing this for me. So that I can:

a) Have some kind of bizarre outlet so that thoughts don’t get stuck in my head
b) Look back on this in a view years and say “Wow, I had some weird ideas and points to make. I guess I’m not that different now.”

And as for the videos and podcasts (of which I seriously hope there will be more), they’re for the same reasons. As well as generally having the experience of doing those things, no matter how bad the end result is it’s all practice.

And so that is why I am doing these things, you don’t have to agree to them, nor do you have to decide whether it’s a stupid idea or not, but I would like you to just join me for the experiential ride.

No doubt this video, if you’re a parent, will make you want to grab your children and hide them in a soft warm bubble whilst you destroy everything that could play a game in your house, before running into the streets and burning all game stores. Now I have two issues with the above video. Number one, that kid has evidently learned to reel that off as a script. This essentially means that the people trying to protect your children are encouraging them to lie. Yes, you heard me. Encouraging them to lie.

And do you know what lying leads to? It leads to more lying, and yet more. And eventually your kids will lie so much that they’ll know what to say in order to manipulate any situation to their will. And when they’ve learned that properly, they’ll manipulate people too. They will spend their lives being selfish and causing misery and turmoil for anyone they meet. Essentially they’re breeding psychopaths.

Secondly, whilst I know there are video games out there that are graphic, or obscene. But I am able to avoid those games if I so wish. Do you want to know how? Because if you’re a parent, no doubt you want to know what you’re looking out for. I look at the freaking box before I buy it! You can most often tell by a game’s cover art, or if not the things it shows on the back. And if that doesn’t work, I recommend checking the age rating. You know? Like in films? They’re the handy dandy little things that tell you that the content of the game is not suitable for someone under the age of 18. Like your 7 year old son.

I know I’m going on, but it really makes me angry when a parent or guardian ignores the warnings on things, and then throws a hissy fit when they’re sweet little child is swearing and trying to shank them because of a game. That last sentence was an exaggeration. Want to know why? Because video games don’t make people violent! That’s like saying any film with violence makes people violent. Has anyone blamed Saw for making people into sadistic people who kidnap other people and put them in life or death situations? Perhaps. But I don’t hear about it as much as I hear about how video games corrupt youths.

Typically if someone buys an incredibly violent game, it’s either because they’re curious as a result of the stigma, or it’s because they already have violent tendencies, and just want to let it out somewhere. Alternatively it’s because their parents are idiots. They’re all equally common-though maybe the latter slightly more so.

In closing: anti-video game ads make your children psychopaths, if you’re going to buy a violent offensive game for a 7 year old then don’t complain about content, video games do not reboot your brain into making you a prostitute decapitating police officer arsonating machine.

Click to enlarge.

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Where’s my House again?

First things first, I have a poll. Would you mind answering it?

Without realising, my post title actually references two things. Well…one thing, but two things about it. Neither of which are particularly interesting, but I thought if I don’t keep writing, I’ll forget to. That and I want to avoid essays. Anyway, first was a real disappointment for me and it came when I realised that I had sold my copies of House (Seasons 1, 2 and 3) because I was short on cash. Normally I wouldn’t be distraught, but I thought they were up in the loft, and then I found a receipt from CEX that told me I had sold them. Gutted. So now I’m contemplating buying the Season 1-5 box set seeing as how it’s essentially half price, but I’m kinda short on cash so inevitably I’d end up selling them.

Next thing was the season finale to House Season 6. That came as a bit of a surprise in two ways, one it was only episode 21 and two the ending scene was just bizarre. If you don’t want it spoiled then obviously don’t read on, but a brief synopsis follows.

It is revealed to us that Cuddy and Lucas are engaged-which is a step further than House knew, giving Cuddy a housewarming gift (which she thinks is an engagement gift). After House has a particularly bad moment Cuddy shouts at him saying that he has nothing at all. This shakes him, and so he returns to a patient that he found buried with a trapped leg that they need to amputate, telling her how keeping a leg rather than losing it ruined his life and how he didn’t want that for her. She agrees to the amputation and they rush her back to the hospital, but she dies of an embolism en route. Foreman tries to console House, telling him he did everything he could, which pushes House over the edge stating that if he does everything he can and people still die, what’s the point. He rushes off home and has flashbacks to the woman’s death, before revealing his Vicodin stash. At this point I actually suspected he was going to OD and top himself, figuring there was no point anymore, but instead it looks like he’s just going to take them as medication. BUT! Before he can do it, Cuddy appears and tells him that she broke it off with Lucas because she loves him, though she’d rather not, but she can’t help it. House thinks it’s another hallucination, but Cuddy reveals that the pills are still in his hand. They share a kiss and the last shot is their held hands.

This is where my mind starts to turn. Number one, Cuddy actually stated earlier that she didn’t love him, and that he should just accept her and Lucas. She’s just tossing everything away, stating that she’s stuck-despite thinking she was moving on. The other thing that intrigues me is that House’s hand really doesn’t look healthy. Like dying unhealthy. Which leads me to believe that it’s probably a dream and he’s trapped under the building (there was a second collapse I forgot to mention). Of course the only way we’ll know is when Season 7 starts up, but I really would prefer that House and Cuddy weren’t together. Despite him being the “most screwed up person in the world” and he deserves a break.

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Dreams are but forgotten memories…

So today was an episode that I had been looking forward to for a bit longer than just a week. Pretty much after reading the synopsis on Wikipedia, basic as it was. And what got me was the premise. Not because it was scary, or particularly thrilling, but because it had the hints that a lot would be revealed about the characters in that space.


And we did get that. Sort of. We see that Rory is a really bad Doctor, with rather poor style, and that’s how he would like to live his life. And if he suspects he will die, he must first assert himself by removing his ponytail. Amy, is about as much of a jerk as she is normally, on top of which even her “truly real” labour lasted all of 20 seconds until a certain someone decided to walk over to a window and slowly turn into a pile of dust-which is something I don’t get. Why did it take him so long to die? The guy on the bike was instant, the only reason I can think of is so that he could have his minilogue, but that’s not a reasonable excuse… The Doctor is…the Doctor. Nothing really changed except we got a glimpse of what he thinks of himself. Which is always an interesting thing, considering he’s so reserved.

The show’s humour was kept up this week with some puns (some of which weren’t terrible) and some surreal moments that I couldn’t help but laugh at-an old woman brandishing a lawn mower for one. I feel this was helped somewhat that it had tinges of that episode of Torchwood where they were in the Welsh cannibal village, and any film involving zombies. Except they weren’t cannibals or zombies, they were old people with Gohma’s in their mouths.

There were a couple of points where I was suddenly drawn out of the episode, which really gets my goat. If I can’t connect with an episode at all, I’m annoyed but it’s alright because at least it was consistent. If it’s an episode where I’m totally engrossed and at the end I’m thinking “Wow, that can’t have been 45 minutes” or “It can’t end there, can it?” then that’s fantastic. What’s really bad is a mixture of the two, and there were just a couple of moments where I was pulled back. For one, if they were travelling towards a cold star, and freezing to death, why the hell don’t they shiver as ice starts to form on their cheeks? Secondly, the TARDIS’ power is out. Logically I’d have thought that it turned it back into a normal wooden box-as has happened before. So in that case, when the Doctor opens the door, death should have been swift upon them. That and radiation would’ve poured in.

My personal theory on what was happening turns out to not have been too far from the truth, namely I suspected that both worlds were a dream, but were used to test Amy’s loyalties. In some regards I think that holds true, seeing as how they both were fake, and her choice did seem to affect the Doctor, and prompt him into pushing Amy and Rory together. But meh, who cares about that, what I care about is that I saw no crack. And that the trailer for next week was perfect I think, until they showed anything after 12 seconds. Maybe 15. If you missed it, then you can see it here:

So next week is another one that I look forward to.

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And the Cons have it!

So just now I was dragged out of sleep to watch a helicopter circle Buckingham Palace as 5 voices “shouted” at me that Gordon Brown is officially resigning (though not all at the same time so it sounded like the Queen had asked Gordon Brown to visit as she resigned, which made no sense). This means that a LibCon coalition has been made, somewhat as expected in some respects-mostly stability-and out of the left field in others-“opposing” ideology. I will admit I’m intrigued to find out how this all pans together, but I’ll be more honest in saying I’d rather see how it pans out from a distance, like viewing Obama in America, rather than a resident. But we can’t have everything.

In unrelated news, I’ve been slowly working through a couple of ideas that I’d love to do over my four month summer in between learning to drive, and finding a job, involving animation and some slightly more real things. Most likely they’ll fall at the wayside though so don’t go getting your hopes up.

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I forgot the name of this post

My first comment, is it bad that the trailer for next week, interested me more than the whole episode today? I’m not sure why I wasn’t so interested this time around, but maybe that’ll come across soon.

Firstly, there were a lot (or at least a few) points that didn’t make sense. Either through not explaining, or due to it just not making sense. One key one is why on earth fish would explode in contact with UV light. Unless their sun didn’t emit any UV, there’s practically no way that they could have existed. Sure, if they lived miles underwater where light couldn’t get to, maybe they could. But if that were the case there are two issues:

  1. They would likely have no need of legs. Those legs looked capable purely of walking.
  2. They should have suffered great consequences due to being at land level pressure.

Next on my list of issues is, since when did a metal sword hitting a wooden broom make a dual metallic clang? Last I checked, you’d either get a clang and a thunk or just a thunk. Next sword related point is: how come fish dude hit the broom three or four times without breaking the broom, and then in one swipe break it apart? It didn’t appear as though he was swinging any faster or harder.

Next, the tidal waves. An earthquake causes tidal waves. Okay, that I hold to be true (assuming it originated out at sea, else the wave would travel in the other direction and it would be fine.). So when The Doctor stops the heavens from pouring down (which subsequently leads me to believe that if global warming exists, it’s caused by aliens) it doesn’t make any sense that it would also stop a tidal wave.

I think that’s the end of critiques, so now onto general things that I have learnt or begun to wonder.

  1. Aliens don’t like “ya mum” jokes.
  2. Will there be “space dolphins”? There’ve been space whales and space fish. Makes sense.
  3. Silence causes things to echo.
  4. Girls talking in unison are still creepy.
  5. Rory is the new Mickey.
  6. Fish aliens get confused between a sky “on fire” and a sky filled with smoke.
  7. A thunderstorm looks like the “sky is boiling”.
  8. I knew he was going to say that, because I saw the trailer.

So yes, a very mixed bag it seems. But I am going to say I’m actually excited to see next week’s story, so it better be done good. I also suspect that both scenarios are fake, but that’s just because the “Dreamlord” sounds like a jerk.

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