A list of things that other things have taught me or worked out. A better description may follow later.

Things that TV makes me wonder:

  • Why is it that anime men are prone to nosebleeds around scantily clad women, or their potentially suggestive words?
  • Do human brains taste of chicken, pork or other?
  • If a couple have just had sex, why is it they insist on covering themselves up to talk afterwards?
  • Is there something magical about crepes that make them a necessity after abduction?
  • Is there a difference between a bible and a holy bible?
  • Are the tones of phone keys so different that a phone app can work out the number dialled from the tones?
  • Why do people even go to clubs and things? They always look so miserable, or end up dead.
  • Do all police in the US have to be trained what all drugs taste like?
  • Why do so many women have underpants on after sex, but not bras? To me this implies they either didn’t undress completely, or decided they wanted to half dress afterwards. Conclusion: TV and/or women are insane.

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